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Where’s Your Sense of Adventure Gone?

Take a minute to reflect. When was the last time you ventured off into nature and walked or ran through the forest?

When was the last time you played like a kid? Or just plain acted silly.

Do you remember the fun times you had when you really used your imagination to have fun?

These days in our hectically fast, everything at our fingertips, in society we seem to have lost the art of play and adventure (and hey playing doesn’t mean Pokémon either folks!).

Ok, back to reality for a minute.

The team here at WaHiki are advocates of being adventurous, spontaneous and having lots of fun. Look for our videos of us going away in a campervan, mountain biking, playing outdoors, walking at the beach, park or forest, fishing, diving or exercising in places that make working out stimulating and fun.

There are lots of case studies around these days that show the benefits of getting back to nature and being adventurous. Here are a couple of examples.

– Feel mentally rejuvenated. Our fast-paced lifestyles can sometimes knock that out of us.
– Being out in nature can help you get your creative spark back.
– Physically unwind and relax so you can perform your day to day tasks more efficiently.
– Nature is one of the best remedies for stress relief.
So, go on folks don’t wait for that long weekend or the Christmas holiday period, get out there sooner rather than later and be more adventurous, more playful and don’t hesitate to take time out and have fun!

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