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Taking time out to Craft Clay

At WaHiki, wellness is as important to us as our ice cream. After all, if you’re not mentally and physically fit, how can you make the most of being you? Our founders live their company’s motto Enjoy a Healthy Time Out.

This weekend, one of our founders, Haman, along with a group of his friends, tested out their clay sculpting skills. Now Haman is pretty good at clay sculpting after being a keen sculptor in the past. However, life as it does with all of us, took over and Haman had stopped doing sculpting.

Haman The Block

He had forgotten the pleasure that using your hands to carve, mould and create with clay can bring. Although not having picked up a piece of clay in 10 years, he was enthralled and captivated by a block of Hamilton clay, crafting it into a thing of beauty.

There’s nothing like being absorbed in something for a couple of hours, enjoying a time out from the everyday challenges that all of us face in our lives. The world around you disappears, with nothing but the piece of earth in front of you as you mould and meld it to your heart’s desire.

So if you’re feeling you need to take a time out, do something where you can feel connected with yourself. What creative things did you use to love doing? When was the last time you took a WaHiki to get your hands dirty?

Your creativity may be like Haman, creating magic from a block of clay. It may be like most of us, creating something that looks like a 4-year-old would make. It doesn’t matter, it’s the joy of getting messy and allowing the creative side of your brain to take over. The fun of sharing it with friends is great for your mental wellbeing.

Here at WaHiki, we want you to enjoy a time out, love your life and know you’re better for making the decision to let life pass you by for a while. We’d also like you to share your time out with us. Just tag them #wahikiwellness, and we look forward to being your partner in loving your life.

We’ll update the pictures once Haman’s Penguin has been fired, trust us, it is amazing.

Our thanks go out to our friends Rob & Val for the experience & photos!

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