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Let Your Mind Be Free

Whilst a lack of energy directly affects how we feel physically, it can also indicate a tired and worn out state of mind.

Sometimes it’s not so much a lack of physical energy that we’re suffering from, but rather a draining fatigue in our emotional state.

It’s that lack of mental energy that can lead to a reduced desire to get up and move about, to accomplish things, to be active, to be social, to live with direction, purpose and contentment. If your mind lacks energy, you lack motivation, inspiration and drive. And that’s most certainly not a recipe for productiveness or wellbeing.

We all lack emotional energy at some time or another, whether it be temporarily after a bad day, or for a continued amount of time due to stress, trauma, loss of a loved one etc. Sometimes just the mere process of living life – raising children, trying to withstand an undesirable job, struggling to pay the bills, never having time for ourselves – puts us in a negative emotional spin that’s difficult to get out of.

When you’re suffering from a lack of mental energy, no amount of physical nourishment from all the right foods will ail what your mind feels. You need to let your mind be free, to fill it with all the positivity you can possibly let in.

The first step towards gaining more emotional energy is to acknowledge you’re tired, drained, lacking in positivity, feeling uninspired, down and defeated, and accept that it’s ok to feel that way. That’s what makes us human. We can’t all have great days, every day.

It’s then as simple as doing something different to pull you out of that lull of an indifferent mind. Not something wild and crazy that you’d never dream of doing (although that can help!), but something that takes you from where you are and transports you somewhere else – both emotionally and physically. It can be as simple as these:

Go for a walk. Heck, pick up the speed and make it a run. Guaranteed you’ll feel better. Even if you’ve never run before in your life and you end up looking like a huffing, puffing red lobster, you’ll forget your worries and will come out the other side feeling refreshed. Probably tired physically, but definitely carefree and refreshed.

Chat to a friend. But negative subject matter is not allowed! Be sure you surround yourself with positive people. Outline the negative no-no subject matter that’s off-limits and chat about more light-hearted things for a change.

Go shopping. Buy a new outfit. Get a new kitchen appliance. Try on a new pair of shoes. Get a facial. Do something that makes you feel good.

Don’t think about what people think of you. And when you accidentally do, don’t care. Life’s too short to worry about what people think.

Watch a comedy show. Have a laugh. Tickle your loved ones and have them tickle you. Get giggling. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Grab a tub of your favourite WaHiki flavour ice cream, and indulge in its creamy smoothness, enjoying the timeout. Now I’m not saying eat the whole tub, but you know..

Hug your kids. Kiss your partner. Cuddle your pets. Look them in the eyes. Squeeze them tight. Make that connection and the feeling of loving and being loved will fill your boots with gratitude and contentment.

Start a new hobby. Try something different. Learn something new. Study a language. Take up gardening. Buy some paints and a canvas. Just go where you’ve never gone before. You may just surprise yourself.

Meditate. Do yoga. Check out a GRIT class. Simply lie down for a few minutes with your eyes closed listening to the sounds around you (just be sure you can’t hear the kids fighting!). Make yourself slow down and relax.

Listen to music. Not only has it been proven to make you smarter but it’s hard to stay down when you’re rocking out to your favourite song.

Remember what makes you feel good. Remember who you are. Who you were before. Who you want to be. Visualise a relaxed, calm, sensitive, positive you. Imagine who you want to be, how you want to be and strive with open arms towards it. Ignore the critical voices, whether they be your own or others, and let yourself be guided by positive thoughts. A positive frame of mind will provide you with the right amount of energy to allow you to focus on achieving anything you want to achieve.

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