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How to live in a day entirely

Living a life you are not happy with is bad for your health.

Your emotional state and stress can have a large effect on your health, and over time will take a toll on your self.

While starting over in a new direction can be difficult, in time it will grant true happiness, fulfilment, and an overall healthier state.

The new direction is different for every person, yet we recognise there’s a common theme.

Feeling better, being better, doing better.

Feeling better

Thriving in your own self is a challenge all of us take on, one where we explore how to make our life more enjoyable, creative and longer. Making yourself feel better can take on small-scale changes that allow you to feel better.

You can try limiting certain ingredients of your diet. Limiting the amount of dairy, meat and alcohol can often make people feel better. Reducing the amount you consume gives your body more time to work at its peak rather than focusing on dealing with them.

Go for a walk, go see the sunset from the top of a volcano, little steps every day will help you with stamina, your tolerance for exercise and your appetite for good food.

Being better

A lot of people ask how to be better. The answer is simple, enjoy life more. Be that person at the office that has the aura of enjoying life. Your positivity and enthusiasm will rub off people, helping someone else be better.

So how are you going to be better? You’re working on feeling better, so what’s being better look like?

Live in the moment, and live in the future. Don’t look up, look out. You could call it “Better human being”.

When was the last time you caught up with your friends? With summer approaching fast, meet up with them for an ice cream – remember to ask for WaHiki 😉

Get away from the office with your co-workers. That could be your manager, CEO or Director, find out about the person behind the role. You’re on a common journey together, so how do you better face in the same direction?

Go meet an existing or potential client. Travel to somewhere new and meet the people there. Could you help them be better? How do they help you be better?

Take a time out. That might be from emails, phone calls or technology. That could be a 15 minute healthy break away from your desk to clear your mind.

Doing Better

By feeling better, and being better, doing better will come naturally.

You’ll see a change in the quality of your work, more empathetic to others, going that extra mile yourself so the next person in the chain (up or down), can do their work better.

Your attention to detail will likely increase. As you feel better, your ability to spot the little things increases. When you’re being better, you’re opening more doors and creating more opportunities.

If you take more pride in yourself, activate that energy, and follow it through, you’ll create, edit and see the future easier. Then you’ll do better.

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